Dear Catfishers,



It’s important for you to know how it feels to be the victim of a fake account being made of you. First you’ll probably feel a bit boosted (Little old me? Why on earth would someone create an account pretending to be me? #FeelinMyself), but then the confusion sinks in (Why me though, for real?) and then you start to feel a bit, well…violated. You scroll though their photos with the lurid captions hovering beneath your innocent, unknowing face and shudder at the comments people have posted underneath (no example necessary). This isn’t you but these people don’t know that. If they were to see you on the street, they’d believe that you actually are that girl with the crude captions and the inviting questions. No one wants that.

You’re not that person, though. The mere notion that people would think that of you is enough to convince you to delete your account – or at least put it on private. It’s a shame that we live in a generation where people feel too insecure to be themselves, even with the shield of your phone screen. But the internet is a judgemental place and it’s easy to be swept up into the world of Instagram likes and followers and what is pretty this week and what look is trending next week. By simply using someone else’s photos, you can be whoever you want to be – scratch that, all you ever wanted to be. But is that really you? No. Are those likes for you? No. Do those commenters fantasize over you? No. They’re trying to get the Snapchat/Kik/Phone number of that poor girl whose face you stole and wore as your own mask. It’s all empty validation.

We need to encourage people to embrace their true selves on social media. Stop feeling the need to live up to those edited, filtered versions of beauty you see filling up your timeline. Be yourself and you’ll realise that the 7 likes that the photo of yourself got, will be worth way more than the 245 likes that the screenshot of that hot girl from Twitter got. Try it.



Love from,

Catfishees Everywhere


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