Netflix and Chill

Open up Instagram and scroll down the Timeline for about 30 seconds. Did you find it? You know what I’m talking about; the inevitable #Goals post where someone’s legs are intertwined with their significant other, the glow of the Netflix homepage casting a red tinge onto their matching white Yeezys. In reality though, the owner of this photo probably had to request her boyfriend to put on his shoes (despite lying in bed), rearrange his seating position (it just wasn’t Instagrammable enough) and turn the lights on for maximum exposure (mid-movie). Those aren’t goals. Those are weird urges that people get to try and validate themselves and/or their relationship via online support in the form of the *hugging monkey* emoji, followed by “OMG you two are such #RelationshipGoals”. They’re not. As soon as she got the shot, he turned off the lights and as she delved into her photo editing apps, he turned back to the action film he was watching before she came over.

Set Your Own Goals

Let’s re-evaluate what we see as goals. What may be one person’s goal, may not be yours – perhaps owning over 54 different bronzers isn’t what you’re totally into. Maybe you’re more of a watch-every-episode-of-Friends-before-I-die type of person – who cares? Next time you feel deflated after scrolling through the maze of Instagram, remember that it is you who sets your own goals, not some hot, personal trainer couple from Australia who live practically one second away from the beach (and remind you of it daily).






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